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IV Add-Ons

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is great for boosting immunity, anti-aging, and seasonal allergies. Vitamin C is very beneficial when given before and after traveling to prevent illness. Vitamin C is well known for its immune support, antihistamine effects, and anti-cancer properties.



Most people are deficient when it comes to B12. Symptoms include brain fog,

fatigue, decreased appetite, depression, constipation, anemia, and

general weakness.Additional B12 can increase energy, aid in weight loss, improve sleep, and boost mood.



Master antioxidant that decrease with age, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the liver, and improves quality of skin. This blend is very beneficial for those who are preventing an illness, or who are already sick. 


Extra Fluids

1,000 mL of lactated ringers solution (balanced fluids with electrolytes). Helps combat symptoms related to dehydration.



(Glutamine, Ornithine, Arginine, Lysine,

Citrulline, and Carnitine). The amino blend is the perfect choice for athletes. This blend provides a performance boost by aiding the body in the uptake of blood flow and oxygen. This blend not only benefits the performance of athletes, but provides the body with improved circulation.



Biotin is the key to anti-aging. 

Biotin is the “beauty” add-on. It is fantastic for hair, skin, and nails. Benefits include increased energy, deeper sleep, metabolism maintenance, appetite control, boost mood and reduces anxiety and depression.




Magnesium is in most IV blends. Additional magnesium will aid in increased energy, weight loss, improved sleep, boosts mood, helps with recovery from exercise, and is great for heart health.

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The Drip

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